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Meet Your Fitters!

Melissa Wiles is the owner of Whisper Intimate Apparel. She opened the store with a passion to help women find a comfortable, well-fitting bra in a safe, non-intrusive atmosphere. She never imagined the amazing women she'd meet or the incredible stories she would hear, and she can't imagine doing anything else with her life!

Top 3 Favorite Bras: "My absolute favorite bra in the store is also our #1 seller: Elomi's Amelia. I love it because it combines the best of both a cut-and-sew style and a t-shirt bra. Smooth cups, side support panel, fully adjustable straps, and shorter wires make this bra hard to beat!

"My 2nd favorite: "Wacoal's Red Carpet Strapless. It's the only strapless bra I've ever been able to wear that didn't sag, dig, or hurt."

"My 3rd favorite: "I am obsessed with Panache's Sports Bra. It is incredibly comfortable, comes in fun prints, has padded straps, and provides incredible support. It also has a huge size range, from B to a UK J cup and up to a 40 band."

Why do you love your job?: "I love getting to work one-on-one with people and help them solve a problem, whether it's feeling uncomfortable in a bra (usually because they've been wearing the wrong size) or feeling unattractive because what they've been wearing isn't right for their body."



Sherene has been a Whisper bra fitter for three years and manages our Instagram account. When you see beautiful pictures and fun captions, you can be certain it came from her! Customers love Sherene because she's focused on helping people find exactly what they need and helping them overcome issues they've had with bras in the past.

Top 3 Favorite Bras:

"Pure Luxe: I love how soft it is. There’s really nothing to describe how buttery smooth the entire bra is. It’s literally the perfect bra in every way possible.
"I love Lace Affair because it’s still a functional t-shirt bra but the cute lace on the band makes it a little more fun!
"And I can’t really describes why I love Idol. Nothing else really fits like it. It’s just comfy and just a really great basic bra to have in your drawer."

Why do you love your job?:
"The full-service fitting experience offers a more intimate, personal touch that a regular retail job doesn't have. We get to know our customers on many different levels and over time, we get to create a special relationship with each individual person. There are also a lot of women who come in and dread bra shopping because they've never been properly fitted, so they think every bra is uncomfortable. Once we are able to get them into the right size/style for their body type, their entire disposition changes. It changes their outward appearance by changing how their clothes fit, takes away pain by relieving pressure from their back/shoulders, and they are just happier over-all!"
Molly is our newest fitter, and we love having her on our team! She always has a smile on her face and is eager to learn and perfect her bra fitting skills. 
Top 3 Favorite Bras: 
"Lace Affair was the first bra that I ever tried on and bought at Whisper. It is so comfortable and beautiful on, and I feel as though I have a little attachment to it because it is the first bra I bought as a bra fitter. I always recommend Lace Affair to customers because it is truly an incredible every day bra that has a very tasteful look.
"Freya Fancies Plunge Bra is STUNNING on and is so comfortable to wear. I love the lace look and the gated back is my absolute favorite. It was nice to discover a pretty lingerie option that fits even more comfortably than certain bralettes!
"Panache Sports Wired Bra: As someone who tries to remain active, I needed a good sports bra that would give me the support I needed without making me uncomfortable. I used to ALWAYS wear two sports bras to workout until Melissa let me know how bad of an idea that was (thank you again Melissa). She told me to try on this sports bra and I have not looked back since then! It is so comfortable and supportive and my back problems from working out in the past have been eliminated. Great option for the active ones out there!
Why do you love your job? 
"I love working here with the best group of women and I love being a bra fitter because I love to see the look on a customer’s face when they find the perfect bra. I never realized how important a proper fitting bra was for women’s health until I found Whisper and I love getting a chance to share that with everyone else who loves the store! I look forward to seeing and fitting so many wonderful women in the future!




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