About Us

Welcome to Stillwater, Oklahoma's first and only specialty intimate apparel store! 

Whisper Intimate Apparel specializes in bra fittings and providing our customers with friendly, personal service. We carry products and bra sizes difficult to find elsewhere, with over 50 bra styles and 125 sizes in stock! 

In addition to our large selection of bras and panties from Wacoal, b.tempt'd, Elomi, Fantasie, and Freya, you'll find an assortment of swimwear, sleepwear, intimate apparel, and bridal gifts, shapewear, slips, and more, with new lines and products being added monthly!  Come check us out for all your intimate apparel needs!

What to Expect

If you've never been professionally fitted, you're not alone! Many women are too embarrassed, shy, or scared to let someone else into their personal space to get properly fitted. At Whisper, we take great pride in creating a comfortable, private environment for women of all ages and sizes. There is a one-time fitting fee of $15 for first time customers, and that fee can be applied to any bra purchase.

Here's how the process works:

  1. A bra fit specialist will escort you into a fitting room. You'll remove your shirt but not your bra. 
  2. After gathering a couple of measurements, your fit specialist will grab a fit bra to determine the perfect size for you. While the measurements are a great starting point, they are often inaccurate, which is why we don't just measure, we fit each bra to your body.
  3. Once you put the bra on, your fit specialist will adjust the straps and check the band and cups for fit. If everything looks perfect, she'll have you do a couple of simple movements to ensure nothing pokes, digs, or rides up.
  4. After finding the best size for your body, your fit specialist will pull a few different styles to help you determine what you love most! With over 50 styles in store, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out everything on your own. Relax in the fitting room while your fit specialist does all the work in finding styles you'll love.

We're excited to meet you, and look forward to helping you find something you love!


We are conveniently located in Downtown Stillwater, just south of Murphy's Department Store and across the street from Boomerang Diner.